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Bonfante Interior Contractor


Bonfante is a company specialising in renovation work and turnkey projects.

Bonfante’s consulting service starts out from the construction site and continues through to the choice of each individual product. Clients will find that our technical staff are able to assist them every step of the way, ready to solve any problems that may arise. Bonfante’s strength lies in the attention we invest in dialogue and our constant reference to the objectives of the client.


Bonfante has a pyramid organisation structure: each work team remains in direct contact with the prime contractor, who in turn receives instructions from the office. The separation of roles is essential to promptly deal with any unexpected events, and this separation is maintained even on large construction sites in which different companies operate in synergy. Our aim is to make sure the project is completed just as the client requested.


Customers also place their trust in Bonfante’s technical staff for advice, especially with regard to interior furnishings; we are able to suggest the accessories best suited to the style of their chosen setting.


Giving our all for 50 years

The history of Bonfante in the furnishing and interior finishing sector goes back a long way, starting from the economic boom of the 1960s, when Emilio Bonfante and his brother Luigino set up a company specialising in painting, finishing and decorating indoor and outdoor areas. At that time, the building sector was rapidly evolving, with new materials and innovative technologies being adopted for every construction. The Bonfante brothers took full advantage of the situation, and in 1966 opened the first warehouse for the distribution of materials for interior finishing work, such as wood, cork, vinyl materials for floors, wallpaper, textured and marble-look plasters, false ceilings, plasterboard elements and all types of paints for walls. The turning point came in 1974, when Emilio and Luigino opened up a new division dedicated exclusively to furnishings and textiles; in the decade that followed, the division was extended to comprise a custom tailoring and carpentry service, which continues to be one of the core areas of the company’s business.


The changes that have occurred and the experience gained have given us a greater awareness of the expertise acquired, earning the company a leading position in renovation services for the Hospitality, Commercial and Business sectors.


The strong collaboration of a solid, compact team, ready to promptly intervene with support at every stage of the project in hand, brings inestimable added value to Bonfante, identifying the company as an authentic Interior Contractor.


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