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What exactly is a contractor?

A contractor is a figure that “takes on the functions of project engineer and constructor, and consequently assumes full responsibility for those functions”. (Law no. 443/01). A contractor is also, however, a figure able to see the situation through the eyes of the client. It is not enough to manage and coordinate the works; the contractor must assume full responsibility for them. A contractor defends the client’s interest in every decision made, because it is the coordination of each individual decision that guarantees the kind of quality service that makes the difference.


How does the idea your works are based on take shape?

Clients often come to us with only a very rough idea, which is then developed by our technical staff, taking account of the customer’s timing and budget requirements. Other customers come to us already with a very clear idea of what they want, and in those cases, we come up with a project that reflects their desires as closely as possible. You can see the results in our portfolio: a blend of technical skill and style.


How long do projects take?

Not knowing when a project will be completed is a problem to which we offer a tangible solution: clients receive the plan of works in writing. Delivery times are brief and accurate, and clients know just how long their premises will be closed for. Especially in the case of renovation work on hotels, offices, stores and businesses, we offer the possibility to carry out a number of works without closing for business completely, preparing construction yard set-ups designed to be communicative and awaken curiosity.


What kind of relationship is created with the client?

For us, it’s essential to understand the customer, because dealing with a client is like listening to a radio station: if you’re on the wrong wavelength, you’re not going to hear what you want to hear. Every client has their own wavelength, and we have to tune into it if we want to work effectively together and to create a connection that lasts beyond the conclusion of the works.

I’m not a design engineer, but I’d like to collaborate with you. What other professional figures are involved with Bonfante?

We’re always looking for new ways to do business: from the world of shops to the hospitality sector, as well as healthcare, wellness and leisure…we set ourselves no limits. So if you think you might be able to help us realise our aspirations, contact us. And if you’d like to join the team and work in the company, fill in the form.


What intangible value sets Bonfante apart from the rest?

The way we operate: when we plan and carry out a project, we’re not just “getting a job done”; we’re making our client’s dream come true. We know that what we’re building for our customer is the fruit of their hard work and sacrifices, that what we’re creating is, and has to be, something unique, for them and for us. This awareness is rooted in our history, and it takes shape every day: in the finishes, in the buildings constructed and in the textiles we produce.


I’m the owner of a point of sale that belongs to a chain of single-brand stores. Can I contact Bonfante also for serial productions?

Certainly. Bonfante also works with chain stores, taking on board the guidelines of the parent company and applying them on a case-by-case basis, adapting them to the individual situations. We have already created both individual points of sale and whole chains of stores for the same company.